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Our small team of technicians and installers is trained to deliver quality technical and installation services with minimal disruption to your business.
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We always use top-quality tools, network components, and cabling to ensure your network is operating at peak performance and efficiency.

Network Design, Structured Cabling & Installation

We design, install and service business networks of all sizes and complexity. From manufacturing facilities, to retail stores and restaurants, to hotels and churches, to schools and general office locations. We also securely network multiple locations to share IT resources, and infrastructure. Cameras, WiFi access points, IP phones, computers, tablets and smartphones all require speed and efficiency.

Our professional, experienced, and friendly team will ensure you have the best network possible - wired and/or wireless, specific to your needs.

Addtionally, we are one of only a small handful of businesses in the region that offer long-range, point-to-point wireless connectivity with gigabit throughput using unlicensed wireless spectrum. In a nutshell, we can deliver network connectivity over great distances without the need for a second Internet provider or in places where installing cabling simply isn't feasible or cost effective.

Network Applications

  • Business Telephone Systems
  • Audio, Video & Conferencing Systems
  • Intercom Systems, Overhead Paging & Loudspeakers
  • Door Entry & Access Control Systems
  • Network Cameras, Sensors and Automation
  • Access Points, Routers, Switches and Server Rooms

Access Points & Network Expansion

When you've outgrown your network and need more, we'll evaluate your existing infrastructure and make recommendations to improve and expand it to maximize throughput and coverage.

Projects Include

Smart Life, LLC will analyze and optimize your network using robust software and professional network analysis tools.

Network Routing & Optimization

Let us make your network faster and more reliable. We will scan your network for hardware and routing issues and help you to maximize the performance of your business-critical network.

Services Include

Supplemental Carrier Services

Carriers often stop their work at the outside of your building. That's where we come into play. We finish the job of your carrier and connect your existing network to your new services from carriers like AT&T and Time Warner Business Class

Services Supplemented

Customer Spotlight

Unique-Prescotech, Inc | Louisville, KY

Unique-Prescotech operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Unique Fabricating, a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of multi-material foam, rubber, and plastic components utilized in many applications within the North American automotive and heavy-duty truck markets.

Unique-Prescotech's facilities have seen many decades of growth and change. Even so, there was little-to-no wired or wireless infrastructure throughout their 100,000+ square foot Louisville manufacturing plant. The industry's evolution and increased competition were demanding more efficient, streamlined operations and better productivity that technology could address.

After an on-site assessment and technology consultation, Smart Life was selected to deliver an end-to-end, wired and 802.11AC wireless access point solution that maximized wireless coverage, was robust enough to handle their current operations, and flexible and scaleable to allow for growth in the future.

The wireless solution installed at Unique-Prescotech consists of 24-high-power, 802.11AC dual-band access points, multiple 28-port gigabit ethernet switches, and thousands of feet of fiber optic and CAT5e cabling.

Since implementation of the solution by Smart Life, Unique-Prescotech has fantastic wired and wireless coverage throughout their Louisville plant to accommodate and enhance recently introduced operational processes and procedures that would not have been possible otherwise. Read More

Unique-Prescotech, Inc1001 W. Oak St, Louisville, KY 40210(502)

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